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Welcome to ForestLight.co.uk. Alan Watson's latest project can be found at Treesforlife.org.uk, he and others are working towards the restoration of the Caledonian Forest in Scotland. Your patience is appreciated as this Website is currently undergoing development. If you would like to get in touch you can reach the team here at trees@forestlight.co.uk

The organisations below are all committed to protecting Britain's beautiful forests and indigenous wildlife.

Wildlifetrusts.org - Wildlife Trusts - With over 800,000 current members, probably the biggest British voluntary organisation dedicated to helping wildlife in the United Kingdom.

Redsquirrels.info - Red Squirrels Trust - Guarding red squirrels in the woodlands of Gwynedd and on Anglesey in North Wales.

Nationalforest.org - The National Forest - Planting millions of trees within an area of 200 square miles in the Midlands.

Butterfly-conservation.org - Butterfly Conservation - Formed in 1968, this organisation is dedicated to preserving butterflies and moths.

Newforestwildlifepark.co.uk - New Forest Wildlife Park - Passionate about the conservation and protection of otters living in Britain and world wide.

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